What are some red flags that indicate someone you are dating/talking to is crazy?


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  • They blame everything on their ex's.
    When you get in a fight they turn a mole hill into a mountain.
    They misread little things and over react as if you did something horrible and deliberately tried to hurt them.


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  • Control freaks are always red flags for me or really clingy guys. Someone who constantly tries to change you, who gets really jealous, who wants far too much say in your life, who thinks you're boyfriend/girlfriend because you went out with them once lol


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  • When they say that they are an EMT and tell you all of these stories about saving people and seeing dead burning children and you find out much later by his friends (not him or his parents) that all of that shit wasn't even true after he has all ready married you and had a baby with you.

    My sister married a fucking psychopath and recently divorced him too.

    THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES. Never dated in my life.

    • Dam, I hope your sister's coping ok, that would be such a shock

    • Yes... He also got kicked out of the military but we aren't even sure why... it had to have been bad.

  • They will say something as truth then change their facts again. Compulsive liars are crazy.

    • Are there any other ways of telling?

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    • The only to know is to push their buttons, if they react to you in a nasty way. That's the true colour coming out. Give them a test.

    • Ok, thanks

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