I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. He is 33 yeas old and an actor. I am 23. We had a good relationship, frequently talking and meeting.

My boyfriend is an introvert and he opens up to people less. He does talk and all but his co workers always claimed that he does not talk much (except for select few people). With his female actresses, he does talk to them, at least some of them but is not very friendly with all of these girls, never follows them back even if they do follow him.

But things have taken a U turn.

He is doing a show and has a met his co actress who is around his age. Though they have been working together , they did not have much interaction until 1 week ago, both of them started following each other on Instagram in the dead of the night.

This was peculiar for my boyfriend because he has never (at least since I ve known him ) has never followed any of his co actresses. But he did. Secondly, now he has also started taking photos with her. He did not post but his co actor posted a photo of them together which was a selfie.

This means he has become friendly enough and has opened up as well, which he usually did not. at least to the former co actresses who were around my age.

I feel very insecure. He is a very good looking man and almost every woman likes him. I guess he randomly chose me since he rarely converses with girls around my age but became friendly with this lady in a short while.

I won't be able to deal with this. I am still a college girl while she is high society partyholic actress. I cannot offer him anything while she can because she has high connections.

They are attracted to each other? And should I leave him for good?


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  • So he made a friend and you're freaking out...


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  • Leave him.
    If he really gives a damn, at his age, with his income, he will find a way to get you back and make it work. Otherwise, self-preservation comes first. I firmly believe that women need to stop giving men such intense power over their minds, hearts, and spirits. If this situation is going to disrupt your ability to be peaceful and have a serene relationship with him, then cut it out of your life. To be honest with you girl, you are so young and you have one massive, adventurous, beautiful, life full of surprises and possibilities ahead of you. There's no rush to get involved with a man his age and feel like you have to compete or be concerned because he's far away. You could express your feelings to him, but at the end of the day, I'm willing to bet you will still feel insecure because of the age difference and the simple fact that she is spending more time WITH HIM PHYSICALLY than you are. She gets a realm of PHYSICAL POSSIBILITIES that you don't and it will further eat away at you. Thus I suggest ending the relationship and preserving your happiness, self-esteem, and sense of peace. Good luck!


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  • You need to realize that in his line of work, he will meet people who he has to get close to in order to give a convincing performance. And so what if he just likes her as a friend?

    I'd ask him straight out and tell him your doubts and worries -- that's what a relationship should be like. Say something along the lines of:

    "Hey, I've noticed you getting closer to [name of girl]. I hope I don't make you question my trust in you, but I have been feeling a little suspicious."

    Just make him know your concerns.

  • Dude you need to ask him. There's honestly no way to know for sure unless you actually hear him confirm this.

  • 'following each other on Instagram in the dead of the night.' ... that's when i stopped reading... troll.

    • Oh, hush. Not everyone on GAG who says something you don't like or expresses a story you arrogantly don't believe in is a "troll". Get over yourself and stop assuming that you know everything, trying to show off what you think you know, and discrediting someone's personal situation in the process. Makes you look like a cowardly b*tch. Not cool.

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