What does it mean when a girl stops texting me in the middle of a conversation?

So I like this girl and I was texting her but the day I was texting her it was her birthday and she stopped texting back until I asked her "what are you doing for your birthday" she has never responded ever since.
P. s. She has the notification on iMessage if she reads your message or not.


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  • As wise as I am, Gomez1499, it doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, that she Then put You on her Pay no mind list Instead of her Party 'List' On--------Her birthday.
    She most likely was having a birthday bash and cut you off because she didn't want to have to explain anything about this Party she was having and that This was... the message she wanted you to read.
    Good luck. xx

    • This could be true.. I don't know, but it just sounds so harsh

    • Yes, it does, but Not so unusual, depending on the person... I read right through her motive in mind and find her... unkind. xx

  • Maybe she didn't know what to say or had to go do something


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