What is something that could end a relationship that is a year and a half long?

This 17 year old couple in high school have been arguing consistently for the past two months and it always seems like the girlfriend takes the guy for granted.
HE will tweet things like
" Girlfriends should treat their boyfriends like kings moot peasants"
" I try my breast to suck shit out but I'm wary pray my breaking point"
"I'm broken"
"I hate being ignored"
"Never take a person for granted because one day I may be gone" etc.
And the guy is my friend and I'm very concerned, I understand people argue in relationships but it seems like the are arguing like every week now which ous very new for them. Could something like this ruin their relationship or would it take something like cheating which is the unforgivable to end things. And even though he told Me he's not ready to talk about it, I do remember him saying that sex was the main thing that has kept them together for so long. Do you think sex can help them stay together at least until graduation? (They are both juniors)


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  • Well look, and relationship will break down sooner or later, because we're teenagers, we're not matured enough for something called relationship, this kind of human activity is far more complicated than we would think
    And sex won't help them stay
    Sex is all what the relationship is about honey...


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  • Sex is one of the main thing that makes a relationship to be strong and they have to talk about thier problems and have solution this will help them to ameliorate the relationship.


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