Resolving a conflict with a girl from HotorNot?

I met this girl on hotornot about a year ago and we've been talking everyday for the last 9 months. We have tonnes of stuff in common. She sent some nudes and I sent some back and at the time I hoped she was into me. Then after I showed her that I screenshot them to wank over she got angry. I deleted them immediately and there was no problem. She's extremely obsessed with sex although we are both virgins and saving ourselves for marriage. We returned to our normal conversation after I deleted the photos. Then all of a sudden she blocked me on hotornot, snapchat, instagram, facebook and twitter. What should I do? I really want to talk to her again :)


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  • she's sending nudes, but saving herself till marriage.

    u jerk off with her pics and u save yerself till marriage

    sorry dude but i'd not b nice here... neither towards u nor towards her

    but i call this the ultimate HYPOCRISY...


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