I am a submissive and so is he but I don't like that at all in a guy?

Ok so iv been dating and found a decent person he is a gentleman... its been 4 weeks so far.

so we finally reached the sex talk and expressing our likes and wants... he is a submissive which absolutely turns me off (sorry if I sound shallow) but I find him to be kinda girly ( I know a guy being a submissive is normal and nothing wrong in that)... but for me to be in a relationship I need connection as well as having a good communication in sex as well but we don't communicate sexually so well...
And he is a very respectful nice guy its kinda hard to break it off cause I know he would consider this to small as it is for me.


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  • Have you two tried to have sex yet? Make your decision after, give it a shot before running off. Don't jump the gun so quickly

    • No we hadn't...

    • Maybe he might know how to switch up the role but it's whatever, if you aren't into, you aren't into him lol

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  • Get out now. Its not compatible for you and turns u off. Enough said.

    • I could but how can I end it respectfully? He is a very nice guy.

    • Just choose your words with tact and let him know that the sexual aspect of it will pose quite a problem in the overall health of the relationship.

    • Okay.

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  • It is only 4 weeks if you can't be sexually attracted to him it is best to end it early on. You shouldn't force yourself to be with someone so you don't hurt his feeling or whatever.


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