Should I just crush my fears and take a chance or are there other ways around this?

Okay so I've known my current best friend for 3 years (he's a male). He told me that he likes me and wants see if we can be more than friends. Here's the problem: I don't do relationships.
He knows that I have issues with being in a commitment due to personal factors but he wants to see if he can break down the barriers that I have put up to protect myself.
Also, I haven't responded to his confession so it's kinda awkward now. I don't want to hurt his feelings. That's the last thing I want to do.

This is all too confusing.
Should I just crush my fears and take a chance or are there other ways around this?
(Note: my fears have nothing to do with past relationships)


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  • Well you are under 18 so it is not a age to commit any one.. It is the age where you should stay free... and not commit and get married... Tell him that and he should understand...

    But don't say yes just because you don't want to hurt his feelings...

    • Thanks you MHO

      By the way i told you to stay single only because you have a fear of commitment...

      Other wise he actually deserves better...

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    • and you're welcome 👍

    • You are welcome 😊😊

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  • I think he knows about your issues and that is why it took him 3 years to tell you. Guys don't do "just friends" with girls.


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  • Give him a chance. Because you guys won't be able to be 'best friends' anymore. If you don't want to lose him you should try.

  • why are you sounding so complicated?
    when a loser kid that you date ends up breaking your heart you cry and say life is unfair and i put up walls! now when a genuine guy who knows how to treat you and has known inside and out of you! you say no i dont wanna go for him like what are you a princess? lol even princesses dont do that shit! get down here honey boo boo!


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