Do your friends try to set you up when you go out?

My friends are always trying to get me to talk to girls, but i can't do it under pressure. They'll be like "Dude talk to her!" And im like "Nah"

I just got out of a year relationship with someone so im capable of getting one. But why do my friends feel like they have to teach me all over again? They feel like im afraid to talk to girls, but i just dont want to do it when im told to do it. I dont like being pressured.
And then they laugh and they'll be like "Were gonna have to teach you."


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  • It's actually my career in college who tries and sets me up it's quite funny though


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  • Before I was married, when I first started teaching my students' parents were always trying to set me up! They always seemed to have some relative or some friend they wanted me to meet.

    In every case they were foreigners who wanted to come to America (I work with MANY Asian students).


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