2nd date - let him lead and finalize plans?

I was on a first date with a guy yesterday and the attraction was mutual. At the end, we kissed and he asked if I wanted to go climbing some time. I said yes, but we didn't set a date. I really want to go for a walk with him because the weather is supposed to be really nice the next few days - and then we can save climbing for when it's crappy out. Should I text him and ask or just leave it and let him lead? I don't want to "chase" him and have him lose interest...


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  • It was just a date. It may or may not lead anywhere. Bear that in mind and relax. It was only yesterday so give him time. An remember to continue with your life, patients is key. If you text him, it's too desperate. Wait for him to come to you. Which will show he's keen as he thought of you if he does want to see you again you will know soon enough. Don't sweat it :)

    • Thanks:) he texted me later in the evening asking if I wanted to grab something to eat this week and we made plans. I'm glad I didn't text him first!:)

    • See great. Hope it goes well.

  • Let him decide


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