The guy stop clingy like before after we cuddled with each other?

I knew this guy just one month, in the benginning, I just put him completely in my friend zone.
He kept saying how he likes me, one time he asked me he hope I can consider him, do not put him in my friend zone. he would ask me if he can hold my hands, kiss me, hug me, which made me uncomfortable, at that time, everytime I said no to him, he used to say I am too jaded, being my boyfriend will be a torture. After I tole him, I only like who either has a very good looking or he is very patience, accompany with me for long time, he said it is ok, he is patience enough to purse me. He also asked what type guy I like, or what make him unique compared to the guy I have dated, and asked me no less than once, if I am seeing and dating other guys (let me look at his eyes, do not try to lie to him). He always promise he wont' have sex with me, or something he did if I do not like, just tell him, he will stop, but I feel like it is not true.

At the first, I really did not care about him, ignore his text, reply late, he used to complain he has to wait for few hours for my reply, I told him that is who I am, I really do not like being clingy, almost never initiated text. I do not know how but it seems like his play works, after for a while, I started to think about him after one date, then I knew it is bad sign for me, I decided to accept he chased me, gradually move him out of my friend zone.

This weeknd is our last date, we watched movie and hang out in the park, I did not prepare to let him in my home, but he played this again even after I warned him, said he got dizzy, had to wait until he can drive, he can sleep in the car, I do not want to be mean, so I let him in , sleep on the couch. He waked up next morning, then entered my room, hug and slept with me on the bed, then we cuddled after we both waked up, I rejected slightly, stopped him in the middle, told him I do n
do not have feeling, and I helped him later, he said he can tell I enjoy it although I said no. He made lunch for us, and told me his friend called him, he need to go home after that. I expected he would say or do something , but he did not, just left, did not have any text and call any more, which I felt bad cause he was so clingy before. It was Saturday morning,
I has to think if he gets what he wants, so he just faded away, honestly, I prepared to stop meeting with him any time.
my friend told me if a guy did not ask you out in the weekend, probably he dates with other girls, when I want to be friends only, I did tell him go to date with other girls, do not waste time on me, but now things changed, I do not like the feeling to think about it, I am not sure he is playboy or not, definitely he explained he is not, but I kept thinking should I back off, cause I want myself in control, not hurting feeling in the future.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You're a prize and he was fighting to get you
    It seems like though...
    But do you really really like him?

    • I thought I did not in the beginning, but now I am not sure, I do not want to make commitment soon but realized maybe a little hitting on him now

    • Yeah that would work
      Maybe commitment is not good right now
      So make a good ground for a future commitment by just hitting on him

What Girls Said 1

  • If you don't like it then stop cuddling with him.


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