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So I met this guy online and we have been talking and stuff and decided to be together, BUT he is always working. Well that's what he says. I trust him and I am glad he works rather than sit around and do nothing with his life, but it seems like he isn't making the effort to message me as much or come see me. I know he works, but at least a "Good morning" text or a "I'm busy, I will message you when I get home." I'm new around here and don't know the area, so I thought for the first date he will come here, but its like "he never has time". I really like him and think this could go somewhere, but I feel like he isn't really making an effort to be with me. He says he likes me a lot too, so I don't really know what to do? Can anyone help me, please?


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  • It sounds like he's leading you on.


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