Talking to a french guy?

I like this french guy, he is a regular costumer at my job and i asked him for his phone number and the next day we texted all afternoon he asked me to take me out for a drink or to go dancing, the thing is i think he thinks im 21 but im only 20 and he is 25 :s and now im wondering if he could be way more mature and have different views on things than me because of the age difference. I'm also worried because im a hispanic girl (mestizo) and I don't know much about the french background and I don't know if we will have too many cultural differences.
He also admitted to me that the older girl at my job asked for his number but he lied to her and said he had a gf, but he didn't lie to me and gave me his number, that means he at least likes me a bit, right? im just not very confident and i honestly dont know why he could like me, he's way better looking and he could get any girl he wants so I don't know why he would waste his time with me. :/

I just wanna know if i should even give this a try or if i should just forget about him.


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  • A guy who gets asked for numbers by girls? He must be really good looking. Probably has an ego the size of France, let alone being French.

    So why does a guy who is so good looking go for you and possibly make up a story about another girl asking for his number? (to make you jealous).

    He wants to sleep with you and there is a good chance that's only it.

    You could see him if you want, just don't sleep with him and see if he pursues then, then you will get your answer. Be careful though..


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  • The cultural differences will be slightly less if he is from the South of France. In general though the approach to dating of young Frechmen who enjoy going out dancing a VERY different from what you experience here. In some ways they are similar to the American club boy but they are so much more, well, debonair you may think things are leading somewhere only to have a one night stand. Then have him still regular your table but not wish to go out again because things are more relaxed that way in France.

    This is coming from two years in Paris in my early twenties.


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  • The age difference is virtually nothing, and yes there will be huge cultural differences, and the way I see it, that will only makeyour relationship more interesting. I'm Dutch, married to a Brit, and we learn something new about eachother every day.

  • You just have low self-esteem. If he asked you out then that means he finds you attractive and is interested in you. Just don't fall for him too fast.


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