Girls, asked a girl out for the 1st time, is this a no?

so i decided to ask a friend of mine out on a date. this is the 1st time i asked anyone out (im 25 btw). anyway unfortunatly it was through text, been trying to get her alone to ask her, but someone keept walkin in/ by. she seemed to be confused but i asured her i was asking cus i wanted to go on a date. and that was almost 10 last night... haent heard anything. i mean she usually takes a while to text back and she had something to do this weekend and she always puts stuff like that 1st, ... but knowing that is it safe to asume its a no?
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ended up texting her, just a "hows your day off"? , got turned down , thanks though, imagining her with someone else is gonna drive me nuts.


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  • you should have called her instead!!! then you would get an answer immediately

    • it kind of just came out mid conversation

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  • Next time don't text unless it's a dating app. Calling or talking in person is best. It was probably awkward for her since you guys are friends. She was probably trying to find a way to turn you down. In high school my friend asked my other friend to tell me the he liked me. I didn't know how to handle it so I avoided him the following day. Our mutual friend had to talk me into speaking to him and letting him down easy.

  • I wouldn't assume anything. I would send her another text asking her if she felt that you made it awkward (showing that you care), but reiterating that you would love to take her out.

  • Maybe she's processing the whole thing & is thinking about it. And like you said she's busy so I say give it some time.

  • Adjust your time..

    • I don't know what you mean.

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