Does he like me or just teasing me?

This guy I have like for a while (over a year), who is my friend's brother too, has always been nice with me but never flirty since we are never alone... I know this is maybe stupid, but this is so far the only sure sign I have. On Valentine's Day he had started following me on instagram, just me, that day. I had instagram 2 months before that and accidentally liked one of his pics when I made it. I didn't follow first. Could he be trying to give me a hint? He is friendly but also shy... I don't know what to do :( I never had a boyfriend (and I'm 27), I rarely like anyone, and if he may like me back I would be the happiest person in the world!

Valentines Day

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  • It's okay to be without a bf"trust me:-D"
    And you can't decide because those are not enough signs
    Had you tried to talk to him meet with him or anything?

    • Thanks for reply. I really don't mind being single, but this is the first time I really like someone, and just want to be with him, get to know him. I talk to him only when I visit my friend as he is her bro. I can't do much nor can I ask him out. He is 2 years younger. When we just met, he told his sis how nice and different from other girls I am. That was a while ago... I plan to tell my friend I like him, but I'd be embarassed if he doesn't like me back, so I want to be sure he likes me too then tell her. What do you think? :/

    • Believe me we guys love older girls
      So i think he. likes you
      And if you're a little shy... he's a huge shy:-D

    • Thanks:) I hope so!!

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Valentines Day