What to do after the first date?

So I went out on a first date last night with this great guy. 5 hours we were together which is the longest date I've ever had. There was never an awkward moment and we talked like we had known each other for ages. He even put his arm around me as we walked through town and kissed me in public, which is a big deal for me because I feel guys would be embarrassed by my size. I'm not massive but my self esteem is. So now I need some advice on how to handle the coming weeks. I'm trying not to seem to desperate and clingy. But is there any other advice? Such as, do I wait for him to ask me out again? Etc etc.


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  • I always wait. So far guys have always contacted me, especially after such an awesome date. If he hasn't responded, though, well you can always mention you had a great time and see if he responds and what he says. I wouldn't say hi or anything like that, because I'd let him make the next move. Especially if he was the type to take charge. I hope he responds! :D

  • I don't care.


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