Why do I attract guys but never keep them?

I noticed that i have no problem attracting guys but my problem is that i can't seem to keep them & maintain them in my life. Its like they would be interested at the initial state then lose interest & leave me & stop talking to me completely. Why is that? what does it mean?


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  • I don't know. Only you would know for sure. It could be multiple things:

    1) your personality is boring
    2) they don't feel any chemistry
    3) the realize you won't put out
    4) you don't initiate anything with them

    • omg i feel like u just named everything that fits me 😱😩

    • ur absolutely right. U nailed it

    • Ya, I tend to do that sometimes.

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  • No offense just an advice from a friend, u must be beautiful, but u need to work more on your personality I guess, :)

    • Thanks, but i think i have a nice enough personality

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    • thanks that really meant a lot to me

    • Sure :)))

  • maybe those guys want u only 4 sex?

    • But whyyyyy im nor a hoe 😒

  • What's your personality like?

    Any hobbies?

    • Im very friendly & personable

    • You're young yet so guys that age are always changing their minds. Just work on what you want.

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