Asking girl out on second date?

I went with a girl to the park on Friday night for three hours. She seemed pretty excited about being in the park even though it was dark and raining. However, we never called it a date as I asked her if she wanted to go to the park with me. Anyways, I know she wants me to take her somewhere next Friday night, but I cannot think of any place. We went hiking on our first meet up and I am not sure if we should go hiking on the second. Also, should I be very clear when I talk to her again that this coming Friday is going to be a date? Also, we hugged twice at the end of our hike.


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  • I'd say do something different, spice things up, you need to keep escalating things if it's not clear these are dates. You don't need to say the word "date" out loud. Start flirting harder on that second date, be a bit touchy feely here and there, make it clear you are interested ROMANTICALLY. If she does not run away or reject you, go for the kiss.


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