Guys ibnees your help what does my cousin do she was on a break with her boyfriend they got back together but she doesn't feel the same?


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  • Think about ending it if she doesn't feel the same way when she restarts the relationship.

  • It takes only a second to re-read a small sentence and notice "ibnees" is not a real word.

    Anyways on topic, if they didn't talk throughout the break and avoided each other, then it's quite obvious why it isn't the same.

    Me and my girlfriend were great and then we started texting less and slowly just drifted away to the point we didn't have much connection anymore. We lost feelings and broke up.

    Point is, sometimes even a break from each other can throw you off and make you re-think why you were that person, things change just over little time. Tell your cousin that if she wants to make it work she should put in effort and adapt to the change. If she still feels that it isn't right then call it off, cause clearly they got on break for a reason


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