What are his actions saying?

everytime the guy I'm dating ask me to come see him or come over I do, but it's like whenever I ask he'll say things like "yes" or "I'm not driving at the moment" or "I'll see what I can do" he dpeanut have a car at the moment but I feel like he can borrow one from a friend. I just feel a type of way that everytime I ask he never pulls through.


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  • Some guys are a bit funny in that they like to have time to themselves and don't want to jump into relationships too readily. Also, cars are difficult because if he borrows a friends then the friend would have to trust him a lot, cause cars are expensive, and he'd have to get put on the insurance to drive it legally. Honestly, there could be loads of reasons he doesn't always come round but it's likely that he's just busy or can't travel very easily. :)


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