Should I give up on this guy I like?

He's never told me he liked me, but I do think he tried to ask me on a date once in a slick way but Didn't get the hint until I went home, that was 4 months ago & he seemed to have stop staring at me as much and smiling. Well, he actually avoids me now, &I feel bad because I really liked him, I just wasn't getting his hints, now I'm trying to show him interest, (I was to shy to look at him) so I broke out if my shell and I'm trying to show him I like him, I've tried starting up conversations and keeping it going. I've looked at him, smiled. I say hi, but he still either clueless, and avoiding me, or just seems not interested. I want to give up, I'm never alone with him, so I can't ask him if he's interested. Should I move on if he can't even tell me he likes me?


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