Is it wrong to like older men?

It started out with my brothers friend. I was 15 and he now is currently 23. Right now I'm 16. Well the second older guy I liked I met at a conference in November, 2014. He was 26... 11 years older than me... I haven't spoken to him sense. Of course they have no interest in me. But ever sense then I've been into older guys. It might be wrong but guys around my age are too annoying. Also, any tips on how to attract older men, 20-26?


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  • Well not wrong but it just means your not willing to try hard enough...

    I personally am not into Women that go for older men, I find there lazy in trying for guys their age because it's too much of a challenge... I find them lazy and going for older men is a lazy easy way out since older men always try to hit on young girls

    • Well, that is not what I'm trying to come off as... let me try to re-explain? So, all the older guys I've liked I know went date me because they're to mature to date anyone my age. A teenage girl. So I'm out of luck, but guys my age care too much about stupid things. And act ridiculous and destructive. They don't know how to behave, and I don't like that. That's why I don't go for people my age. Do I really come off as lazy? I don't like that, I simply want to know if it's bad to like older guys. I don't think it is. I just wanted to hear other people's view on the matter. So thanks!

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    • Haha yea

      But then tell me what does a man 26 have that's better than a boy that's 17 ish

      The guy that's 26 is almost looking to be married maybe lol, move in with this gf, travel the world... you can't even leave the country on your own :/ yet

    • Well I wouldn't like to date a 26 year old! I probably will only date up to 20-22 but talking to them (older men) would be nice. And Ya that older 26 year old guy is probably looking to travel and settle down with one girl but I have yet to find a mature guy who isn't taken. So I'll just try as you say. I'll listen to you because you sound like you know what you're talking about.

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  • If you've got daddy issues, then no, it'd be OK

    • I don't have daddy issues... why is my dad involved, lol?

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    • Because people my age are really immature and don't know how to act right. They act all "swag" and rude. And don't care about school. It's really annoying.

    • Then your going for the wrong guys dear

      Because I'm pretty sure guys your age are getting ready for law, medicine and some real rewarding careers in the next few years

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  • My friend was / still is into older guys, there is nothing wrong with it, just at your age, it will be difficult to attract them, since you'd be considered jail bait. You'll have an easier time once you're at least 18.

    • That's what I was thinking. Sense I'm still a teen in high school I'll be considered jail bait and too young.

    • Yep, so you can either wait a few years, or find one whose willing to risk it (however that then adds the whole are they a pedophile issue). Or maybe find the odd mature high school boy :)



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