My ex and his gf don't hang out at all they barely text and he flirts with me a lot and I think he still likes me and I think he know s I like him?

What do I do my ex and his gf don't talk or have physical contact with each other and I still like him I think he likes me back cuz he flirts with me all the time, I want him kinda but I have a bf what should I do


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  • Lol that's a recipe for disaster. I feel sorry for his gf. There she is hoping he's faithful and she trusts him with you meanwhile here he is flirting with you and you're returning the favor knowing full well he has a gf. Smh. No one respects relationships anymore. Can't trust anyone these days.


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  • Don't cheat. The fact that you are both flirting technically is emotionally cheating depending on your relationship (& that persons idea of what cheating is) You both are dating someone. So how much can you really like each other? If you or him where truly interested I would think that you would both leave the person you are currently dating... Before flirting further... If it wasn't anything worth investing time & emotions into... Regardless of what you think his relationship is with his GIRLFRIEND (<~ had to capitalize to make that more clear). You don't know if that's true your not in there relationship. I don't know if you believe in karma but be careful with this situation... (For your own sake and his...) You don't want to be the other woman I'm sure? I mean right?
    a common saying I have always heard... Is how you get them is how you lose them...
    Would you be okay with him flirting with another woman if you & him where dating?
    Your not even sure you want him... Lol you did say "kinda". Even if he does decide that he likes you or wants you and you tell him you want him... REALITY CHECK: You are both still in relationships...
    I would think this would be self explanatory but since it's not... Girl run and run fast... from this situation you are pure entertainment for him clearly... If anything he said would have truly been meaningful or he truly wanted to date you.(rephrase you said "like" my bad..) He wouldn't still have a girlfriend don't be nieve. He wouldn't be flirting with you & Disrespecting his relationship by crossing those boundaries. the fact that he tell you they don't talk/see each other blah blah blah yet he is still with her (hmmm side eye) well something is clearly keeping him with her!

    I mean unless you don't care about being the other woman having a "fling" & okay with his clear lack of boundaries & respect for his relationship & yours for that matter.

    Be careful!

    • I don't know you but I'm sure you deserve better then that.
      & if you don't know what you want then maybe you should leave your boyfriend & not lead him on! No one deserves that to be led on... You both are hurting someone!

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  • Think about the reason why you and your ex broke up. That might shed some light on your decision as whether or not to pursue something with hi again.


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