If another girl's bf likes me, without me teasing him, did I ruin the relationship?

the bf is my classmate friend, he treat me really good, take me to movies and nice dinner, i just take it as friends hangout. one day, his gf come over me and accused that i ruined their relationship. while the bf said that his gf is too clingy and childish, he said that im more better than his gf, and willing to broke up with his gf. what should i do? did i ruin their relationship?


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  • I wouldn't put it that way. He was the one in the relationship and it was his responsibility to treat his GF like a GF and treat you like a friend, but you said he took you to movies and out for dinner - that's usually something couples or really good friends do. If my boyfriend took another girl out, I'd definitely be jealous and I'd hope he had a good reason, like that they were childhood friends or something. While I'd be annoyed with the girl for going out with my guy, I'd be more upset with him for actually taking her out. So you didn't ruin their relationship... I think the girlfriend's anger was misplaced.

    • thanks! i thought so.. but i didn't think i shouldn't be mad for my bf for him hanging out w/ his friends wheter its girl or guy.. so yeah i didn't think its big problem. should i make a distance with him?

    • Yeah, keep your distance for now. You don't want them to actually break up because of you - the ex-girlfriend would be your #1 enemy. Even if they've already broken up, wait for him to get in touch with you instead of contacting him right away.

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  • I don't understand why you would think it's okay for you to go to the movies with another girl's BF ALONE. That should have been a red flag and I would have asked him why she wasn't coming. Then I would have went to verify it with the girl.

    If you were truly THIS ignorant/naive--and I mean had NO clue that the guy was into you or doing this--then I wouldn't feel bad.

    • cuz we're friends? why it isn't okay for friends hangout together.. i didn't mean to make him likes me anyway

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    • but id never be mad for my bf hanging out with his friends, whats wrong with that?

    • I am sure that her BF never TOLD her that he was going to hang out with you until he broke up with her. He snuck around.

      It's not hard to use common sense. If someone has a boyfriend/husband, the logical thing I would think to do is to ask if his girl knows that he's out with you ALONE paying for you (dinner, movies etc). I'm sure he probably bought you stuff too. I would keep in mind what he said and then ask the girl afterwards.

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