He didn't seem to like when I looked at him?


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  • What's your question?

    • I never really stared at him, I actually been to shy to look at him, He used to stare at me and smile from afar, now he avoids me. He's still kind of nice. I like him, and I tried initiating conversation, to see where that goes it really didn't go no where, but it broke the ice of him avoiding me. At least as far as I can see. But today I looked up, & he was in my view, and he looked away and he looked annoyed. The other day when I looked at him his eyes got big. I went up to the counter to get (whatever I was getting), and he didn't say hi or nothing, I feel like he doesn't make it point to try to talk to me, and he disses me if I do. When he was the one who stated everything.

    • It didn't go through

    • If he avoids you and never really initiates conversations then he probably doesn't like you back

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