Girlfriend wants a break?

My gf wants to take a break in the relationship cause she isn't sure about how she feels. Now i know this isn't a good thing but im not sure how to handle this...


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  • She's not speaking to you in English ; she's speaking to you in Womanese. Fortunately, I can translate for you.

    She says: "I want to take a break."
    She means: "We're finished... forever."

    She says: "I'm not sure how I feel."
    She means: "I know exactly how I feel, and I'm not feeling it for you."

    How do you handle it? Delete her phone number, cut off all contact with her, and move on to a girl who is actually interested in you.

    • Not true, sir. I say "I wanna take a break," means I wanna take a break. "I'm not sure how I feel," means "I am not sure how I feel." She just needs some time to think things through. She'll get back to you.

    • Oh, my advice that is based on many years of real-life experience is "not true"? Really? I've heard those lines from women more times than I could ever count, and so have all of my friends. Do you know how many times the woman has decided to continue with the relationship after saying that? Zero.

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