Told me he likes me now he just about talks to me.

Me and this guy are at university together, we were out one night and we kissed, the next day everything was ok but he was a bit quite. Next night out he told me he wants us to sleep together cos he likes me etc (he was really drunk) the next day he barely talks to me. Now he only talks to me if I see him out or am sitting next to him in class. What's going on?


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  • try showing him while in class some intimate attraction, so others know that you two are really into each other. it will give him pride boost of a sort

  • Did you sleep with him?

    • Sory didn't state that. No I didn't sleep with him.

    • One explanation is that he is embarrassed and feel stupid for saying that he may have felt like he has ruined his chances with you and that you are just being nice. I've stupid things like that before, I'm sure most people have. So invite him out somewhere to show that he has not ruined things and maybe during that date playfully tease him about it to make him forget about it.

      Let me know if this was right, though I maybe wrong. I think i;m right.

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