I don't know what to think about this?

I got a mild learning disability and I am looking for a serious relationship my learning disability has affected me when I was little now that I am older it is a lot better I am driving and I got a job.

I have dated women with learning disability's but all I ever got with them was one of them was making up excuses not to see me but only with friends and the other women not calling me texting me or making an effort

My dad said I have more of a better chance with dating if I get with women who have them but I don't see the point tho nothing has happened just wasting my time I was thinking would it be any different if went to try date women who don't have them or would that not happen.
My learning disability only effects my academic side I am just a slower learning and have to put it more effort.


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  • Your fine u will make any girl lucky to have u ur learning disability does not control ur life dont think less of ur self because of it


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  • This type of disability shouldn't have any impact in your dating life. Any woman who rejects you because of this is probably just shallow. You'll be fine; you're young and just haven't met the right women yet.


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