Do u reckon I will hear from him again? Maybe in a few months?

Will he ask me out?
I met a guy through someone I work with... I only chatted to him briefly but he was really nice and cute and I like him.
Apparently he asked my workmate who I was and said I was hot. So I added him on fb and we have been sending messages back and forth.
Anyways I asked him if he wanted to catch up for a drink sometime when he's free. He said yes but not right now as he is "all over the place" after a "messy break up". He told me for now he just wants to spend time by himself or with his mates... But he said a couple of times that he would be keen later.
What does this mean? Is there still a chance in a few months time? Or will I never hear from him?

Is he just not into me? Was this a gentle let down?

Will he he ever contact me or not? It could take years to get over a breakup! He wasn't lying though... My workmate did warn me that he just got out of a relationship of 5 years.

P. s We are both 28 year olds... not teenagers I feel a little silly... How should I act when I see him next socialising at my workplace (i work in hospitality)?

P. s I think it's been about 3 months since he broke up with his gf... Shouldn't that be long enough? Maybe I will never hear anything from him...


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  • I can tell you like him. Look I was in a relationship for 4 almost 5 years and it took me a long time to get over the break up. The best thing you can do is try not dwell on it to much. I am sure if you continue to message him and if you can hang out with him and his friends (if his friends like you they will hand him over to you on a silver platter). Now if he is interested he will contact you again but that doesn't mean you can't try to make contact with him first again.
    Also at work just be your regular self if you being you was good enough for him to see how hot you are it will happen again. So relax and let nature take it's course.


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  • Just after (from a hour to several years after) a break up, guys are not in situation to go in another relationship.
    You could wait, but I can't tell you how much time.


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