So I have a crush on this gorgeous guy. I asked my mom if he was better looking than me, and she said yes. :/ So I guess he's not in my league?

He’s extremely good-looking. He could model, and he’s nearly perfect. I know I sound infatuated, but it is a fact. All the girls he knows and ever met have a crush, although he’s not a player. I get a lot of attention too (and he knows that), but I’m not a knockout like he is. He liked me years ago and he still checks me out and smiles to himself so I wondered if I had a chance. I’m very shy, and I ignore him so my personality doesn’t show like the other girls’ so I don't know why he ever liked me. So when I asked my mom and she said that I felt a little disappointed. I said that and she made excuses like “ohh it’s harder to be a good-looking girl, girls have to worry about … and guys only have to worry about their face” (which is not true, but point taken) I know it’s not all about looks lol, he’s focused on school and so am i, we are both smart and he seems to like smart girls. What do u guys think?

But even if we liked each other it would be a ldr. Those never work. He could find another girl in a couple of seconds


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  • Is he even that great of a guy? Have you talked to him enough? Sounds like he could have a boring personality.
    There are no leagues so do whatever you want.

    • He's pretty cool. He's funny, very smart.. our families grew up together

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    • Why not? Because there are cases where a girl is cute "enough" for the guy to wanna date, no matter how attractive he is. That's just the way it is... and knockouts aren't that easy to find, and maybe the knockouts he's found have shitty personalities.
      WHO KNOWS. Many guys think every girl they ask out is out of their league but they do it anyway.

    • When he was much younger he tried to make me jealous, and make himself look good. He asked about me and talked about me with his friends. So I guess I have a tiny tiny chance.

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  • Go for it, If he already looks at you & stuff, why not.

    • I don't want to make a move on him. Lots of girls do already, and I don't want to be another one.

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    • He can’t look me in the eye period, unless I’m not looking at him.

    • Yeah i would have to force myself to look at people for like seconds at a time or just have them roam around while I'm talking to someone.

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  • Smart and looks? don't see that often
    Go get him!!

    • Ikr! It’s so rare. And he’s not full of himself, and he’s shy. I don't know how the hell he does it. He tried to make me jealous, and I thought d00d, you don’t need to change anything.

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    • well, I hope you got what you want, again best of luck!

    • Thanks. Same to you

  • Don't listen to your mom.. if you like this guy then go after him :)

    • But ik it’s true. Very few people are as goodlooking as he is. He can get any girl he wants. Even if we did date, it would be stressful for me.

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    • Yes sir at the end of the day all that matters is whats on the inside. Idc how good someone looks

    • I don’t know why he would bother with me personality wise I’m very shy and I don’t show myself.

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  • I think that it's all in your head. The whole "out of my league" is bullshit. It exists because you allow it to exist. It doesn't matter what either of you looks like! If the chemistry is there and if you think you have a chance just go for it! Show him you're into him and stop ignoring him, maybe he wants to make a move but doesn't know that you like him!! Maybe he thinks you're out of his league! Give him a green light and some attention and allow him to come your way!


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