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Seems like girl just wants me as a friend with benefits, but I want more. Should I bring it up?

so I've been talking to this girl for about a month now she's 22 and im 23, we've hung out 4 times and we've really only gone out once and the other 3 times were just hanging out at my place and fooling around. We've slept together twice on our 3rd and 4th encounter. Now I have Suggested other things to do like get drinks dinner etc but it hasn't happened. Now our interactions are limited text wise. We dont text a whole lot cause we both work a lot and i could be overanalyzing things but it seems like she may only see me as a friends with benefits . She doesn't really talk to me a whole lot about things that go on in her day to day life, like im pretty sure she got a new job but she hasn't even mentioned it. I actually like this girl and could see myself dating her but how do i push it in that direction? After the last time we hung out which was Thursday I didn't message her on Friday cause I knew she was going out and on Saturday afternoon she snapchatted me teasing me cause my fave basketball team lost, it was weird cause she's never snapped me before and we snapped back and forth for a bit, and the next morning she snapped me a pic of the sunrise saying good morning, and then just disappeared for the rest of the day. I'm sort of confused cause i dont just wanna keep being in the dark here, I have no clue how this girl feels about me and i dont wanna just get strung along but I also dont wanna be needy by bringing it up, It's only been a month should i just wait it out or bring it up? The thing I find weird is how little we interact but when we hang out we get along really well and we're together till really late usually like 2 or 3 am even though we both work really early the next morning and when i drop her home she always kisses me and its awkward cause I always just go in for a hug but she goes in for a kiss. Should I be more agressive or just be patient?
Seems like girl just wants me as a friend with benefits, but I want more. Should I bring it up?
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