Girls, if you are dating a guy... and you found out something of unexpected about him, how would you react?

well... It's hard to explain... but often when I date a girl or simply go out with a female friend, I feel myself embarassed due to a little issue of mine... I have a quite weak bladder... at a times some girls had reacted quite bad... and I'm also quite shy to use the bathroom too much during a date... but I reach my limit really fast, and I could have some trouble to hold it in...
I have to say that sometimes I could have even a little leakage...


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  • I wouldn't care. Its not as if he can help himself. My boyfriend has ADHD and when he doesn't take his medication is extremely hyper and can act younger than he is at times. I hate whenever people make comments to me about it and assume he is younger than he is. My own sister has made a nasty comment about it, but he can't help it that he has ADHD.

    Same with your weak bladder, I wouldn't care. Its not something you can control. It could be worse. So what you have a weak bladder, when I go out to the bars drinking I end up in the bathroom at least 4 or 5 times a night anyways. I've had my dad pull on the side of the road before because I really needed to pee and the nearest bathroom was still miles away.

    • hi, thanks for your comprehension, that's exatly what and understanding person should think!
      and nice to know that I'm not the only one with this problems... it seems that when you go out has the same problem but maybe you don't lose the control, because actually in those situation if I don't go as soon as I feel the urge, I start to leak, and in about 5-10 minutes I wet myself! this is very frustratring

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    • It sucks sometimes, like if you are on a long car ride and there is no where to stop for a while. You either suck it up and deal with cramps or you pull over on the side of the road. Which for a girl, can be sometimes difficult.

    • I guess it sucks... but at least you don't wet yousrself! it susk a lot more!!

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  • I honestly wouldn't mind. I might giggle if he'd have to go at an awkward time, like if he's about to propose. It's not like you can help it, so I don't see the big deal

    • that's your opinion, but I can assure you that others could think different

    • Well then you should find someone who's considerate and understanding

    • it is not always as easy as it seems...

  • That's not so bad just say excuse me and go she doesn't have to know why or where

    • of course... unless you go twice or thrice in a evening... or worse, you have to jump out o your car and do it to avoid peeing the car seat!

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    • So run haha

    • ahahah of course ahahah... you don't know how bad it is having only few minutes to go!!

  • I wouldn't be upset with my guy if he had such an issue. I have a weak stomach myself! And usually avoid dinner dates to avoid any unexpected issues. lol. It's not that big of deal; and if she makes it one, then kick her to the curb! You can't help the fact that you have a weak bladder!

    • thanks... we could be a funny couple! we should always chose restaurant with at least two bathroom!! :)
      however you are right, if I don't meet understanding persons...

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