Do girls ever change their minds about dating a guy whose too young?

So this girl is my best friend and we hang out almost everyday. We've become really close since we first met 2 years ago and we have so much in common. It's crazy how well we get along and how similiar we are in so many ways. That's probably why we remain such close friends and spend so much time together.

Anyways, I think one of the reason's why we haven't dated is because of my age. I'm 4 years younger than her and she's told me that she doesn't date younger guys because she doesn't want to feel any older. I'm 25 and she's 29 and she used to tell me how she's "running out of time and not going to find a guy".

The fact that she calls me everyday to hang out, and wants to spend so much time with me is what is confusing. She'll call me midday when she's at work and ask if I want to come over later and go out for dinner and hang out afterwards. Recently if she texts and I don't answer right away, she'll call/text a few more times.

If i don't respond within an hour, she'll ask "why are you ignoring me? what's wrong?". I was just busy and she gets all worried and freaks out whenever I don't answer right away. Also, the other day she asked me to go with her and her friend to NYC but I couldn't go. When i told her to go without me, she said, "aww I want you to go, I like going with you too."

Somtimes when we hang out and go somewhere, she'll link arms with me when we're walking, and act like she's into me. I just don't understand how we're so compatible with one another, yet we don't date and only stay friends.

I do however worry that if we were to become more than friends and it didn't work out, that I would lose a great friend. She probably has thought of dating me, and has also thought about the what if's. The thing is, she means so much to me as a friend that if i did lose her, i would not only lose a girlfriend, but my best friend as well.


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  • thanks for the Xper point, but to answer your question yes i do.


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