How to deal with a busy boyfriend?

I'm going out with this guy who plays baseball and baseball is his life that he can't live without it because he thinks that baseball can give him a lot of opportunities we talked before we were happy with each other, but we don't have enough time for each other because he was really "busy" after a few days he promised me that after baseball season he's going to make time for me. I waited and waited but the next day he texted me and told me he's not ready for any relationship right now because he needs to focus on baseball and other things like school and working out. I was hurt, I was really hurt because I loved him so much and I didn't want anybody else except him. So after 2 days of mourning he texted me this: "I just need you too know I was doing some thinking and that thinking was non stop about you, all I need is you I hope you take me back sorry for being dumb I just needed some time to think and well I love you and I always have" so that's what he texted me. Since I love him so much I have him a second chance. But I know that he's still going to be busy , I really want this relationship to work out , that's why I need advice in keeping our relationship strong even though we don't really have that much time for each other. Please help me.


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