Is it rude that she never texted me?

So I had septi plastic sinus surgery about a week ago. My bf who is 28 moved to Georgia about 2 weeks ago for a better job he got from pa. we have been together for 4 years. No one in his family texted me asking how my surgery went and like I said its been about a week since my surgery so they had plenty of time. I have always been close to his family because we go over there every week for dinner when my bf lived close by. My bf lived 10 minutes from his mom and step dad. Im just really hurt that I never heard from them. His mom called my bf to see how his first day at his new job went and it was the same day as my surgery. You think she could at least text me while she was at it. Do you think his mom should have texted me?


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  • maybe they weren't so close to you as you are to them?

    • Yeah but even so you think it would be common courtesy to text your sons gf that you have seen every week for 4 years.. it wasn't like I saw her 4 times a year that would be different. Hell that is just a standard question that people who aren't close to you ask. My boss even sent a quick text saying how did your surgery go. It takes two seconds
      She had time to call my bf and ask how the first day of his job went and it was the same day as my surgery but she couldn't text me. I had surgery that's a much bigger deal you know

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    • no attitude intended

    • OK just making sure lol

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  • Maybe they figure no news is good news and they're giving you time to recover in peace. Maybe next time one of them has a surgery you can be sure to text them a get well wish as a subtle reminder of what you feel is polite.

    • Hmmm... maybe I still think it is standard to ask family that. All of my aunts texted/messaged me and I don't see them near as much as I dee my mil and even my co workers. Oh well I guess I can't control if other people are rude and thoughtless.

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    • A mil is family though

    • I brought up the point of familial bonds becuase people who are related tend to practice the same manners and customs. You aren't related to your bf's family yet so it's understandable that there would be differences.

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