Is he trying to make me jealous?

The guy im dating turns out to be dating another woman. Just a week ago he acted all hot and wanted to see me and hang out. All of the sudden he's flaunting his relationship with this woman on facebook and totally ignoring my calls and texts.. im heartbroken and confused. Is he trying to make me jealous or what?


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  • yesssss that's an obvious sign

    • Of him trying to make me jealoys? Or not wanting to be with me?

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  • He sounds like someone who will always be looking for the next girl to be with. Don't chase someone who's running away.

    • Ok, it will be hard tho. Thanks

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    • So... Maybe you were taking time to make up your mind because you didn't feel s spark?

    • It was love at second sight, but i felt insecure around him, i didn't feel good enough, so i kept my distant. During that time, he was already dating this woman, but he hid it, never mentioned her. After some months, i began shiwing interest, and he acted hot and cold, but overall seemed to reciprocating interest. Lately we had been dating, and hanging out more. And then boom, out of nothing... ignored me, and came out of the closer with his relationship.

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  • he doesn't want to be with you...


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