My love language?

Alright... so I've taking quizzes and stuff to find out what my love language is...
i know #1 was quality time: the description: having someone listen to you and being there with the TV off and full undivided attention, because when people don't listen it can be extremely hurtful! I was like oh my goodness this was dead on! My family really doesn't listen to me and it hurts really bad.

#2 was like physical touch... I don't have a boyfriend and I've never had a boyfriend... but, I've dreamed about a guy hugging me and kissing me and holding my hand... it doesn't freak me out... like I want physical touch by a guy...
Well, my family says I'm neither of those... I'm words of affirmation... which is true too.

My sisters tell me since I'm not touchy feeling with them... it means that touch is at the bottom... they say since they know me more
I feel like since they are always so rude to me and make fun of me that's why I'm not touchy feeling with them. And I feel like it would be weird... but, with guy I don't think it would be...

so.. what do you think? I feel like that your love language is different with who you are with right?

They don't believe that I'll be touchy feeling with a guy. Please help.


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  • What does it matter what your family thinks? Are they going to be in the relationship with you? Will they be with you all the time? Forget 'em.

    Your love language also has more to do with how you like to be shown love, rather than what you give yourself.

    • Okay! Thanks! Yeah! I mean it's basically my sisters who are so rude! They are really close and they team up on me and make fun of me.

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  • it's hard to predict, you're just going to have to see how you react to a guy.


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