Guys, Would you do this only for a girl you really liked? does that mean you would want something more than just hooking up?

We hung out with a group the other night, I said I would cab home and he offered to drive me home, and kissed me. Did he just want to get me alone? Im just wondering does he really like me and care about me? I do like him and want more than just hooking up. We have been on a few dates, been hooking up, hanging out for the last three months now. I think he does like me, but not sure if he is looking for something more than just hooking up. He did just tell me he missed having me in town.


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  • You asked this exact same question a few days ago...

    • Haha good, I'm glad someone else calls people out on repeating questions. Just because you don't like the answers you get doesn't mean you should try again

  • I would offer a kiss to someone I have a romantic relationship with, not with someone I like (even acquaintances are hit by a Cupid's arrow)


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