He kissed me..then dissed me

We have known each other for 7 month, he says he only wants to be friends. But we were both in love with each other at one time. but now we are only friends. two weeks ago, when we were alone, away from our other friends he kissed me, really kissed me several times. And told me he wanted to see me the next weekend.

when the day comes he text me saying he only wants to be friends. but we see each other that night anyway, and my friend who is drunk talks to him, asking him why he kissed me if he only wanted to be my friend, he tells her that it didn't mean anything, he was not drunk when he said this or when we kissed. later that night when him and I talk we talked about just being friends... so I asked him if he ever had wanted anything more. and he said he did, before, but that things were complicated now.

What is this guy about? I'm happy being just his friend even though I know I could love him.. But we text all day, everyday, and he flirts at times and I don't know what to think or do.. His friends say he doesn't like it when I see other guys.. And for as long as we have known each other I have been the only girl he's been seeing.

What is he about?


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  • Wow this guy does not know which way he is going. He seem like he is just wasting your time or just wants to be friends with benefits. I say don't do kiss or be intamate or anything like that because that would be selling yourself short. Wait a time for this guy to sort out whatever he needs to sort out and see if he wants something more, if not just continue being his friend and you should find someone who does want to be something more, also don't let him effect who you see and who you don't he has no say over this he is only a friend and let him know this.

    If you sleep with him that would just make thing worst trust me.


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