What's going on? Is it time to cut contact? Please help?

I met this guy about 3 weeks ago. We went on 3 proper dates and then the last 2 times have been more hookups than anything. Last night he came round, drunk, early in the morning. He wanted to nap so I let him, then we hooked up, and he went home. I was pretty hurt by that. He's been constantly telling me he likes me and checking to make sure that I'm not dating other guys. I've made it pretty clear to him before that I don't want to just hookup up, and he's agreed. Although at one point he said he was worried that we might end up just hooking up and he didn't want that because he didn't want to end up treating me like shit as he liked me. I really like this guy, so I feel like I've been letting myself get walked over. He'll take ages to text me back and say he's not at my beck and call, yet he phoned me several times last night to ask if he could come over. I kept saying no but he just kept asking so I said yes. At the start he was texting me multiple times throughout the day, now he only replies sometimes and we only text about sex. I really like him though.

Has he decided that he just wants sex from me? Even though he keeps saying he doesn't. Should I tell him outright that I want more than sex and that if he wants that too we should actually hangout somewhere? What happened to him? He's made it very clear he's not dating other people, and doesn't want me to. But I don't know what's going on. He's constantly blow hot and cold. Is it worth being really upfront and basically telling him I want more and he can take it or leave it? I don't usually act this bloody insane over a guy, but there's something about him that's making me crazy. I've never met a guy that's treated me like this before.


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  • I would be very careful with this guy because from what you wrote about him, I see a lot of red flags. I definitely think you should stop having sex until he really commits to being a true man. He should want to take you out, not just go over to your house to bang. You don't need to give him the ultimatum because that would scare any guy off. If you find that he's not trying to get to know who you are, then I would walk away.

    • So do you think there's no point saying anything to him?

    • You can if you want, but it may scare him away since guys tend to be scared of commitment.

  • Don't be stupid if he is just asking for sex than break up with him from the sound of it he only wants pleasure.


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