Confidence issues, how to make the first move?

Title pretty much says it, I've never been able to approach a girl with confidence. Any advice?


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  • Here is what i did.

    Fix your posture, Walk with your head angled slightly above parallel, Put power behind your voice.

    Posture: It's Psychological, Healthy, helps brain function
    Head Above Parallel: Pseudo Powerful look.
    Voice power: Know what your talking about, and instead of using the weak tones most people use, have emphasis and know what you're talking about.

    Doing these things, Will make you look 1000% Better than almost any Beta-Male. You don't need to be strong physically (Although it helps.) but mentally, it's all core.

    The core behind Male strength is in the simple strong word choices. Have 2-3 back up plans, and topics.


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  • Sit down and think for a second. You r an individual. You in your current state posses the abilities to pursue a nearly limitless set of possibilities. You simply have to think of a goal, set a course of action, then work. If you understand this. You realize that you r and can be fucking awesome.

  • it's easier than you think. Introduce yourself, ask how her day has been, take it from there. The most important thing is to be yourself and not act like someone you think she'll like.

  • my advice would be to not overthink, thinking more makes you realise the possibilities of failure = more nervous and less confidence, just on the spot do what you need to do


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