How do I build trust?

Okay... so a guy I have been seeing for a while now dropped a bombshell:( he said he doesn't want a relationship, Not yet anyway due to heartbreaks in the past, how do I build trust with him? Or is he even worth trying? someone help:(


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  • Yeah I'm kinda in the same boat. I was cheated on I my first and only realtionship when was 15. And it's been hard for me to trust ever since. But the last 6 years I've turned down and ignore so many women due to my trust issues. But this one girl I met has made me open up to her. I'm mean she started out by being so open to me about herself and so kind hearted. I mean she tells me things she dosnet tell anyone else. So I seen no need to feel threaten by trusting her. Yes it took me about 3 months gir me to open up to her but I did. She's the only girl I've ever opened up to the tbh. Granted I'm still not completely open towards her but she tore down that trust wall I put up 6 years ago. And I fell in love with her for making me trust her... but I say it's your choice to stay and wait or just go. I mean if you see potential I him than stay. I always say anything is worth trying. Because it's better to say I tried than wonder what if. Live life with out regrets is my code.

    • Thank you! I'm always open with him too and he has told me stuff about him that his best friends don't know... and we've only been seeing each other 7 weeks so maybe I'm jumping the gun... definitely gonna stay and wait.. I think he's worth it:D well hopefully:P

    • Your welcome and i have a gut feeling that it's worth it because once he see that you're so open he'll realized that your not there to hurt him. And I wish you the best of luck with all of this.

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  • Just do nice things for him. If you really like the guy and the biggest issue is he's afraid then I'd say it's still worth it. Be open and accepting and warm towards him.

  • Yeah, try to build up trust.

  • Umm, you build trust by not cheating. You can't cheat if you're not in a relationship. He doesn't want a relationship. What he's saying is basicly: i don't want to be in a relationship but i'm open to sex. If you don't mind a friends with benefits situation then go ahead. There's no guarantee he'd like you more to have a relationship with you though.

    I'm curious, why do you trust what he says? I'm not judging him, just wondering what he said or did to make you want to go after your guy.

    • He's there for me 100% and said he'd never be with any other girl besides me, spins my head why he doesn't want a relationship:( I havnt told him how I really feel tho:(

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