Will he commit after we have already slept together many times? If not then should I just walk away and never talk to him?

I know everyone is going to say he won't since he already gets the sex. But I need advice
I know he likes him and I like him. Its been pretty casual so far but I really started to get feelings for him. I want more than just the casual. I have started to like him a lot. He does do things to show me he cares, but honestly I dont want to do this anymore if he isn't down to commit. So do I just walk away and never talk to him again


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What Guys Said 1

  • The idea that you can make a man commit without giving him sex is a fallacy and makes you an utter moron for believing that. "He does do things to show me he cares," and you like him? Wow, you must have low self esteem, in mho. Walk away and take back your dignity you idiot.


What Girls Said 1

  • Me and my current boyfriend has sex before we dated.. we ended up dating a few days after. I think it's a huge connection and I don't know I guess it really worked for us because we couldn't be happier! Hope everything works out


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