Should I Keep Pursuing Her?

We met on the first day of grad school last fall and had an instant connection. At the time, she was still seeing someone from back home, but she wasn't too happy about the long distance thing. We ended up as co-chairs of a big event and spent a lot of time together because of that. She broke up with her boyfriend a couple months into the semester, but I did not make any moves as I did not want to take advantage. She had been approached by an older PhD students, and she seemed interested (her type), so I stepped aside hoping that whatever they had between them would just fizzle out naturally. And so it did. All the meanwhile, we kept hanging out and spending a lot of time together one on one. We've shared a lot about each other and have grown pretty close; in fact, she's by far my best friend at school. We've been on a number of date-like outings. When I sent her a bouquet of flowers and a sweet note for Valentine's day, however, she thanked me, but said that she just wants to be friends. Since then, I've tried to get over her, but we share so much in common and we always have the best time together. This past Friday , I invited her to the symphony and she accepted. Before the symphony, we swung by a special benefit party at a museum, and after the symphony, I asked her if she wanted to get a late night dinner and she said yes. It was like the perfect date, accept it was supposedly just as friends? I really like her, and she really seems to like spending time with me. What should I do to win her over? Should I try holding hands and being more touch-feely with her on our next outing? Or should I just accept that there will never be anything romantic between us? Thanks!
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She applied for a job where I work, and I put in a really good word for her and cc'ed her on the email. She thanked me profusely for my kind words about her, and I told her that I meant every word. Though she ended up accepting a job somewhere else (after being offered the one where I work), she thanked me again, saying that my "support has meant a lot along the way" and that she really appreciates my good word. Does this increase my chances of winning her over? Your opinions please.


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  • I had a few girl “FRIENDS” like that too, eventually one that I really liked moved back to the state she grew up in to be closer to her family. I really kick myself cuz if I had only told her how I felt about her she may have stayed we were very close, but I was younger and stupider than I am now and didn’t want to get serious. If I had only realized that she was the best girl for me I would have asked her to marry me. instead of living in misery. So go for it what have you got to lose. “Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” William Shakespeare.


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  • Tell her how you feel. Stop pursuing her if she says no.

  • She doesn't like you. Sorry. :(