Why do American women and white knight men talk down on American men that opt for internet overseas gf's and wives?

Not all of these guys are looking for a sex slave or a maid . Some are looking for real love and companionship and some of those girls overseas are looking for that too. Sure there's a lot of those girls overseas that's only after them because of money and/or other opportunities like a green card etc, but Those same American guys can get used for money, played and taken advantage of by American women as well so why do critics of these men always try to point out that when the exact same thing happens all the time in the USA? I have been considering looking outside of the USA for a gf, NOT BECAUSE I HATE American WOMEN WHICH I DONT, but I just can't find one in America . American women treat me like a diease and no matter how much I worked on myself no matter how positive my attitude was in dating and no matter what advice ( I used to the tee I might add) , I have had 0 success. Now I'm considering looking overseas. I know I'm a good guy with a good personality, but I know that I can't force any woman to like me and I won't force them to. Sure they are good women in America, but that doesn't guarantee that one would like me and it just because I'm considering looking overseas doesn't mean I find one either, but I've already tried in the USA. Maybe its time to try somewhere else.


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  • All women in the USA treat you like a disease? Amazing that you know every American woman! Seriously, there's no way you've even come close to dating as many women as you could across the USA. But if you want to look overseas, go for it!

    • Not all women, but the ones I encountered (Don't tell me I'm going after the wrong women because I'm very diverse when it comes to the types of American women I approach ) treat me like that And how do you know that I couldn't come close? Didn't you hear me? I have had 0 success with women in the USA

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  • The only downside I can see with overseas women is that they may use you for your money.

    The upside is endless (see my profile). Generally speaking, they are more traditional, in so far as to how they treat a man.

    • Yeah but American women will use also you for money too.

    • True, but for a lot more... :-)

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  • I think many of them just assume that stereotype without knowing the situation. American women have a different culture than some women from other countries that might match more of your morality, traditions, and what not. I wouldn't worry about the haters and give it a try. You may find a better match out there than you would here.

  • Ladies ladies... ill be your white knight... whoops im becoming gay already... fuck that

  • Insecurity, probably.

    • Many people get insecure when other people do something non-mainstream, especially if it implies disapproval of the mainstream.

    • Fuck the mainstream. Theyvall need to be herded into concentration camps and treated like the sheep they are

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