Young ladies 18-24, are young bald guys less attractive than guys with hair? (Shaved bald)?

don't want feel good answers, looks matter to me in attraction and I understand it mattering to girls too. I'm only 18 but lost a lot of hair last year and can't imagine a young attractive girl dating a bald guy when she could have any guy with hair. So please be brutally honest, is bald seen as a bad quality or not
  • Baldness can be sttractivs or isn't unattractive, I could date a bald guy
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  • Deal breaker for me, not hating on it but I'd hold out for a guy with hair if a bald guy approached me
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  • For me it's a massive turn off, one that would really repel me if a bald guy pursued me
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Well according this I shouldn't be too worried, I just hope most of the populace my age is like those who voted on this question in that a decent amount can get past it


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  • Bald and balding are different. Many men look very attractive bald but someone who is balding at a young age seems out of the norm. I know men who have no problem attracting girls and they shave their heads completely. Honestly, I find myself more focused on a guys facial features like his smile and his eyes when he has less hair or none. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Of course, some people have a preference for instance, someone might like brunettes over blondes or guys with facial hair vs guys with none. But we're all unique and I know this part might sound like a feel good answer (but it's true), the right girl will find you attractive no matter what.

    • As far as young bald out of norm, I'm not balding really, I got exhaustion about a year or so ago maybe two now when family was passing away and I was finishing up school. Six months later I lost weight felt sick and lost a lot of hair diffusely. No bald spots but very thin top sides etc. My body cut resources to things it didn't think was needed to help itself recover. Hair was on of those. But I was sure to shave it all down rather than keep a fully thin head of hair, I'm kinda pale but many people say my face and headshape fit it well, and where I work when a coworker was going to shave his down for a charity his girlfriend actually said 'I won't mind but I want you to grow it back, I don't think you'll pull it off like *my name* can, I couldn't even imagine him with hair' so I got lucky with how I look shaved

    • Sorry you had to go through all of that. It probably happens to a lot of people and we just don't always know it like that. But I wouldn't worry about it so much. I donate my hair for kids with cancer. Grow it super long and then cut it short and start all over.

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • Bald guys are hot too! Seriously this I not a feel good comment whatsoever.
    in my opinion bald guys are the sexier one sometimes.
    But if the guy is desperatly keeping a little hair it's not good looking, he should just go completely bald.
    Jason statham is by far the hottest bald guy, and Dwayne Johnson, Shemar Moore. Etc etc.

  • It would depend.. Vin Diesel is hot and he's bold..

  • Bald guy can be attractive. Its way more attractive than a balding guy who desperately tries to hold on to his last hair

    • Still he wouldn't be your first choice would he?

What Guys Said 1

  • That would really depend I suppose; many guys can actually pull it off.


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