3 dates, no kiss?

Been on 3 dates now. One dinner, one show and one drinks in a lounge. He has paid all three times even though I really tried to pay for the last time. Still getting the hug goodbye. I'm wanting more.. is he interested or what?


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  • He's still taking you on dates, that's a clear indicator of something good =)

    I would recommend you either explain your desires to him ("I want the relationship to move faster, I can't keep myself from you.") |OR| -- Simply do what you want to him. If you want to kiss him, wait until he least expects it, then lay one on him.

    The decision is yours, men don't read minds and we don't know what you want till you show us or tell us! ;-)

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  • THis guy just seem over cautious. On the next date make eye contact and keep it, that's the best sign to give, if he breaks it which by the sounds of thing he will you go in for the kiss and take it from there.

  • He probably wants the same thing. Some guys are "stupid" and don't see the signs or don't know if you are ready. Try to be more blatantly obvious with him and see what happens.


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  • i dated a guy once for two months and we never kissed till going onto our third month dating.

    it's not abnormal lol he might be scared that he'll screw up

    or he just doesn't want you to feel awkward towards him after kissing. like if you two are pretty good friends now, he might be thinking what if kissing makes it awkward?

    or something like that.

    so don't take it like he isn't interested unless it becomes obvious

    he probably just wants to take it slow

    be patient :)

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