How to weed out the players?

I have been off and on trying OKC as a way to meet someone. Usually if I like someone enough to exchange numbers, once we make the transition from email to text they go all bedroom on me. They start asking flirty things, asking me to describe myself, send them pics of me although they are on my profile, etc. It's like oh boy, here we go, another guy I obviously can't take seriously because he's just playing games and trying to find someone to get off with. I was really liking the one guy and thought maybe this will be it, until he insisted on sending a pic of his wang. Sigh. Another one bites the dust. Maybe this is OK for other girls but for me it's not. Why lead me down this long ass road like you're sincere and looking for more, looking for a real woman, just to reveal your true motives before we've even had a chance to meet? Even guys I thought might be fun just to get together with for fun sometimes ruin it for themselves by being so obviously sleazy.

On the other side of the token, the exceedingly needy ones who make like I am the light of their day and we don't even know each other's names yet. Are there really girls out there who are that desperate to believe such pick up lines? It's insulting that they think I am to believe it.

I like them I get hopeful and then the house of cards crashes without fail and I have to lose em cause there are too many red flags. They're pushy, in a hurry to meet, overly sugary with the compliments, arrogant and cocky, annoying (getting mad cause I didn't reply in 1.5 seconds), unoriginal, etc.

Does anyone ever really meet anyone on here *successfully*? Very frustrated. I don't want to be a bitch but I feel like they're all players and find it hard to trust any of them. Don't waste my time because you're horny! Go to a bar for a one nighter like a normal sleaze. I want something where sex isn't the end goal.
That's why I get annoyed because they say they want more but go through all this crap, building up sort of thing with someone *just* to get laid in the end, I've read instructables online while researching this written by guys for guys on how to maneuver through OKC to get the honey pot prize. It's sad. Call me old fashioned or deep but I truly feel sorry for people whose primary goal in life is sex. It's so much more than just finding a steady fuck buddy, feel bad for people who never find more


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  • But I put there on okc that I just want casual sex. So i chat and am all cool, I get deep even sometimes but, yeah... sex is the end goal.


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  • They have singles mixers all the time in OKC. Have you been to them? Also, try Meetup. com. You can meet people in groups that you enjoy there and a lot of them tend to be single.


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  • its difficult to spot the players from the serious. i can tel the hoes from the serious but not the players sorry.


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