delete all photos off my phone?

I have been dating this girl for a couple of months now. We have been on a number of dates and take photos with each other then I send it her later on the next day as she requests them. She always happy to take the photos never an issue in fact she insists we take photos. I never upload them on any social media site and is just on my phone. They are not explicit or rude. She also sends me selfies of her self all the time through messaging. However recently she has told me to delete all the photos of her and me on my phone. I asked her why? She said she feels uncomfortable and could not give me a valid reason why she feels uncomfortable. I am so confused what do I do in this situation? As well as that at the same time she goes I do love you. So random.


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  • That's just weird, maybe she's insecure about herself? I don't know or maybe she thinks you'd use them as fapping material

    • She knows me by now and how I conduct my self I don't think that's the issue. Any other possible reasons? Just find it weird.

    • It is weird I would say ask her again and be straight up about it tell her you feel it's kind of shady and you need her honesty

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