Is online dating the future of social relationships?

So I have been using the whole online dating thing for a few years and have met some interesting characters through it's services. Some were just hooks ups, others became good friends of mine and I even met my current boyfriend online - we've been togeather for a year. What are your feelings towards online dating? What have your experiences been like?
Is online dating the future of social relationships?


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  • I don't think it's the "future". Asking people out in person will never die out. Online dating seems to be fairly big as it is right now, possibly reaching it's pinnacle, tho that pinnacle may last for a long time.

    and lol, I just posted on another Q about my online dating experiences... How much detail do you want?

    Out of the 100s of msgs I've sent/received, I've met 3 girls. 1 led to a few dates, 1 was an amazing date, but I started ignoring her after she flaked at the last minute on our 2nd date (maybe a dick move on my part?), and the most recent one was one girl i REALLY digged. She msg'd me first and I thought I had it in the bag, but I guess I just wasn't interesting enough to warrant a 2nd date.

    I will say, all 3 of my dates were casual, get to know each other. No flirting or complimenting or sexual innuendos... maybe that's the problem for me?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience (:

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    • If a guy is capable of holding a conversation online and doesn't try to get sexual before meeting me in person and getting to know me a little bit, I'm willing to meet him. I prefer the first meeting to be friendly, if we're into each other a little flirtation is defiantly a good sign. You can usually get a pretty good idea of what the person is looking for after the first meeting. The blind date side of it is what gives me a little rush lol. I've finally gotten over the awkward "we met online" stage.

    • yeah.

      I will say it isn't so much awkward that you met online, it's that there's the possibility that the person is what you've expected - physically, personality-wise, etc. Unless you (specifically you) have also learned to never have any expectations?

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