Should I keep talking to this girl?

Met a girl at a classs a bout 3 months ago and added her to facebook recently , been talking to her for like 3 days , she always seemed interested the few times i talked to her during class and even got some looks , and now i decided to message her and when i did she responded and we had a converstaion that lasted more than an hour but i told her i have to go , a day later i messaged her again and she responded but with a word or two , i thought that she must be tired and its noon so didn't send anymore messages until it was night time , she always replies but her answers are limited to one or two word , her last reply was ye ( didn't even bother to put an a ) so i decided to just leave her alone maybe she's not interested , i tried to talk about interesting things but she doesn't seem to care much. ( she has no bf )


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  • Not sure there's kind of a lot of options. She could be on her period, but people over-exaggerate a girl on her period because most of the time its not so serious that she's going to take out her anger or frustration on you. She could be tired, lazy or having personal problems or family or friend issues. I doubt she isn't interested in you, she may not be, but if she wasn't I don't think she would have put so much interest in you before. Just give her some time and some space. If she doesn't say anything for more than a week than she might not be interested, but no worries! there's a lot more girls out there, she isn't the only one.

    • yeah :) was planning on leaving her for a while to see if she is interested , i mean she knows she lives like 10 mins away i run into her once or twice every few months and i know a lot of her friends and family , not sure if she's on her period or not and she could be having some problems iguess , i mean financily speaking her family is wealthy and she is the youngest and most spoiled , worst case scenario - her father gives money , so i am not sure.

    • Yah haha good choice :))

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  • Did you try to ask her about herself? And maybe she is just one of those women who don't like messaging online. I am one of them. I might respond to the first few but afterwards, it's a chore if it's not something that I'm interested in. I would rather meet you face to face.

    Ask her for coffee.

    • I am inclined to think that she likes facebook and messaging since she does it with her friends a lot and she has tons of photos , also if she is interested no matter what the subject is she would want to talk to me right?

    • Those her friends. She doesn't really know you. So get to know her by going out.

      And no. A woman can be interested in you but not care about the subject at all... lol.

    • well we were discussing the class we had together , then we started talking about technoloy , TVs, Phones... etc but it was boring so i was like " hey this is depressing... have you ever been to that place (its like a huge park , it has resutrants nad really cool scenes ) " and was like , " no never been there " then i said that its really amazing and that she should visit it and her answer? "ye"

  • She doesn't seem interested


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